Holly Floor

Our guest could feel the holy environment of the famous temples and historical places when they are in these holy rooms. As the interior themes of these holy rooms are designed according to the room titles. Eg; The Muktinath room is furnished with the painting of Muktinath. Its furniture is carved in religious style. The guests could watch the documentary of Muktinath on the television when they are inside the Muktinath room. The room is filled with the tourist guide leaflet of Muktinath which enable the guests easier visit to Muktinath. Similarly, the other religious rooms on this floor are equipped according to their room titles with all facilities.


Village Floor

Each room this floor is named after the typical villages in and around Pokhara and the east and the west of Nepal.
Our vision is to provide our guests the entire history of the typical villages which would lead them directly to these villages. One could imagine and feel the pleasure of these villages when you are inside these village rooms. Each room is decorated and painted in the traditional village style. Eg; The Sikles village room is painted in traditional Sikles village style. The guests could find the complete theme of the village, Sikles. The furniture is desgined in traditional village pattern. The Tv in the room broadcasts the documentary of Sikles. We also have provided tourist guide information of Sikles inside the room to enable your visit easier. In the same way the other six village rooms are created according to their room titles. Also their interior is furnished with the themes of their room titles.


Lake Floor

Pokhara is well known for its natural beauty. It is called the “City of Seven Lakes”. This floor is named after the famous historical lake of Pokhara valley and Nepal. The floor consists of seven rooms which are filled with painting and other accessories created in lake pattern. The furniture and fittings are designed in such a way that our guests could feel the taste of the lakes when they are inside these rooms.
The Fewa Lake Room is designed in Fewa Lake style. The interior of this room is filled with the themes of Fewa Lake. The guests could experience the pleasure of Fewa Lake when they are inside this room. All materials including furniture and painting represent the Fewa Lake. You can watch 24 hrs documentary of Fewa.
Lake and the Pokhara Valley. The tour information booklet is provided within the room from which the guests could acquire the details of Fewa Lake.
The other rooms entitled to Lake on this flat are also created in the same concept as per their title.

Fewa Lake

Mountain Floor

Each room on this mountain floor is decorated with the themes of magnificent mountains of Nepal. The accessories within these rooms show the artistic pieces of the mountains. The guests hiring these rooms could enjoy the mountain adventure through its paintings and other design. The furniture provides the sensation of the beautiful mountains.
One of the rooms, Nilgiri on this floor is covered with the entire features of the Nilgiri mountain. The Tv service provides documentary of the Nilgiri mountain and its surrounding and the furniture and the paintings enable the guests experience as if they are at Nilgiri. Likewise, the other rooms titled to mountains contain similar features as the Nilgiri room. Each room has detailed tour guide information booklet to make your tour easier to these mountains.

Mt. Everest
Mardi Himal

Halls Floor

The rooms on this floor are classified into two categories: Seminar Halls: It consists of 2 seminar Halls titled on the holy book of kirat, Mundhum and the next is chhoj Dhin, which means “Meeting Hall” in the Gurung language.
35 guests could sit for round table talk in Mundhum and 60 guests could accommodate for conference for Chhoj Dhin. Both rooms are facilitated with projectors and internet. Catering arrangements are also done in these rooms for


Family Apartment

This floor is a family apartment named on the basis of the Gurung community and their civilization- K-holasothar. Tanting and Bhujung which are two extra rooms within the apartment are also designed in traditional Gurung village style. The wandering Gurungs eventually settled at K-holasothar form where their civilization flourished.



The family can acquire the benefits of the history of the Gurung culture on Tv and the themes of the inner rooms are based on the Gurung community historical background. The paintings and furniture are set on the traditional Gurung Style.


 Lekali City View Garden Restaurant & Bar

Lekali City View Garden Restaurant and Bar serves only the best, national and international cuisine including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental and Nepalese, prepared by our expert chefs, whether you are at breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy relaxing with the clam environmental view from Roof Top Garden Restaurant Parties of all occasions also can be celebrated here either in the hall or Roof Top Garden Restaurant or as per the guests’ choices.

Lekali hall

 9th and 10th Floors- 360̊ View Tower

The topmost floors of Hotel Task International have been constructed to refresh our guests- enjoy the 360̊ views of the Annapurna Range and Pokhara city. The guests could relax their morning, afternoon and evening hours from the view towers.

360̊ View Tower

 Theatre Conference Hall

Hotel Task International offers excellent banquet halls comprising accommodation up to 200 guest’s theatre style suitable for corporate events such as business meet, conferences, seminars, product lunches, annual meets, social and personal events. The space accommodates 200 guests to dine comfortably. Audio-visual technology and lighting can be customized to match your events for all seasons and occasions.Besides this, there are other two seminar halls fully air conditioned and equipped with required accessories on the 5th floor with the capacity of 35 and 60 guests on each hall.


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Lekali Seminar Hall